4 days in Taipei

Finally updating this space with another travel post after what seemed like forever. I attribute my absence to adulting 🌚 it’s tough to plan plenty of trips when you’ve got no money because you’re a broke student and then it’s also hard to plan a trip when you’ve got only 10 days of leave because you’re fresh in the industry.


All these aside, hello Taiwan πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ό! Or in particular Taipei because of time restrictions. I went during the ending of summer which is also the typhoon season so I was told to expect hot and wet weather which can be quite a bummer during a trip. But thankfully the weather was still bearable with occasional short shower. Day 1 was just very simple, landed in the late morning and so I took my aunt on a High speed rail experience. It took 19mins from Taoyuan to Taipei and omg the train is spacious and clean despite the fact that food is allowed onboard lol. I would definitely suggest buying the railway bento for an experience πŸ˜‚

Originally planned to take the hop on and off bus to tour around after the check in to our Airbnb but then decided to just use the MRT to explore instead 🚈. Ended the night with a visit to the famous Taipei 101!

Day 2 begins with exploring the MRT and TRA for a trip to Shifen! It’s relatively easy, just take a train to Taipei main station and transfer to the TRA for any train bound north EXCEPT TO KEELUNG and change to Pingxi line. Released a lantern on the railway tracks, ate some 區肉ι₯­ (lu-rou-fan) and walked to Shifen waterfall. The walk wasn’t long, it probably took about 20min with me snapping pictures here and there.

And we are exhausted by the time we are done with the waterfall so we just hailed a taxi and did a taxi tour to the nearby photo spots before heading to Jiufen and back to Ximending in Taipei.

Day 3 started off with a short trip to Beitou hot spring but alas it’s Monday and everything there was closed πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ then followed by going to Tamsui. Decided to venture a little and head to OIA cafe and Shimen cave by taking the public transport (bus 862) and following Google maps. I would say it’s so worth it! The view by the sea is astonishing! The sunset was almost perfect by Tamsui’s lovers bridge and food is great and Tamsui old street!

Last day in Taipei came by so fast I can’t even 😭 did some shopping at Wufenpu, it wasn’t cheap tbh but definitely huge. I would suggest going after 2pm so most of the shops are opened. And after shopping, you could recharge with goodies at Raohe night market and enjoy the night view by the rainbow bridge πŸ‘πŸ»

Soooo yup this marks the end. Bye till the next trip πŸ™ƒ


Return flight for 2: $500

Airbnb for 4 nights: $150

Money used for 2: $700


Bangkok, Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

Yup, another late update but well "better late than never". Been to Bkk twice and finally this June, I get to bring my mum and aunt over the third time. It's the first trip together that I've actually paid and it actually feels good to be doing something for my family after living for 22 years 😂 my first Bkk trips was more focused on school visits because it's a school trip and hence I didn't get to visit much places or try lots of new things. Second Bkk trip was with my friends which means shop till we drop hehe 🙊 and this time round it was a family trip which means temples visiting, less shopping and more sightseeing. I guess that's the beauty of traveling, despite going to the same country the experience will never be the same because of the weather; time and travel companions.

Anyway Thailand has been great with all the cheap shopping, relaxing massages and good food. Taxis and tuktuk aren't as cheap as it used to be but grab is another good transportation in Bkk! It definitely saved us a few hundred baht compared to taxi 🚘 Soooooo without further ado…… let's just look at pictures!

Can't wait till my next travel adventure 😅🤓😜 and oh! If you haven't already signed up for Airbnb, here's $50sgd travel credits for you!

Till then 👋🏻


Meet my…….

Cat, pronounced as /kæt/, is a majestic animal who lives like a free soul. He/she will do as they wish even with you as their owner, they make you understand your duty as a poop scooping; meal feeding and toy holder. And if you performed your duties well, you might sometimes be rewarded with head butts, slow eye wink and purrs.

Geez ok enough of that melodramatic bombastic intro. Just meet my new cat, Kuro, already 😂

So yes, I met this little "angel" at the cat museum and obviously I was smitten by her. It took great considerations before I've decided that I will adopt her and give her a place call home to destroy 🙂 afterall a pet is a lifelong commitment.

I have never imagined myself to be a cat owner as I've always been more of a dog person since I'm afraid of the cats' claws and teeth. It sure did shocked me about how "hard" it was to raise a cat. She is constantly running around bumping into things, climbing everywhere and scratching and biting everyone. It's been a few months since she's with me and I believe that it only gets easier cos the love gets greater.

Every now and then I look at her sleeping face, my heart just melts. I have never felt such love until I met her. And I'm just thankful and happy to be her human slave 😂

Please continue growing up healthily and be with me for the next 10 or more years 💕


Huangshan, China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

Finally updating here about my new adventure that happened back in April/May!! Have been contemplating about where to go for ages and finally decided on China. China itself is a huge place with lots to venture to and hangzhou is where we started! 

So day 1 is actually cut short because we landed at 9pm. What's actually shocking is that hangzhou airport does not sell SIM card. And by the time we reached our Airbnb apartment it's like 10ish, all the shops are pretty much closed so we pretty much just settle for something familiar (pasta and egg tart) for dinner and grab some water and toiletries from the family mart. 

First thing in day 2 is not breakfast but SIM card LOL (first world problems) and what the heck we still couldn't get a tourist SIM card…. In order not to further delay our trip, we went for breakfast with our awesome Airbnb host at some noodles store and then hitched a ride to Hongchun in Huangshan area.

Pretty sure that the car trip to Hongchun took less than 5 hours cos we reached pretty early and so we explored the area after depositing our luggage. It sure isn't easy to walk around in the rain dragging the luggage on those uneven pathways lol, very hobo of us.

After Hongchun, we have to take a 30-45min bus ride to Tangkou interchange. That's where we book a driver for the the stay in Huangshan. Definitely is money well spent because it's quite complicated to be traveling in the foot of the mountains with no SIM card and rain.

The driver then take us to dinner before our last attempt at getting a SIM card which obviously failed 🙂 so yeah we've decided to travel freely without connection

So anyway the day ended with us resting at our hotel; Xigu resort and praying for good weather so we can hike but apparently it's too foggy and constantly raining that we have to forgo the mountains. How disappointing but well safety first.

Our hotel definitely have a good view! Anyways our day began with breakfast, their pau is heavenly and cheap. I'm salivating while reminiscing 😭

As the weather isn't the best to hike up Huangshan, our driver brought us around the Huangshan scenic area. We went to dragonwell waterfall; fengyuan river and bamboo forest! It took up so much of my energy I swear I haven't ever climbed that much stairs in my life 😂 and and can't believe we went to took a "rollercoaster" down the bamboo forest. What an adventure.

After the day touring Huangshan we went back to Hangzhou city area by bus. And then cab to our new Airbnb.

And the rest of the days in hangzhou are spent going to the west lake, wuzhen and shopping 😂

And then back to reality 😕

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Rottnest island, Western AustraliaΒ 

Made a day trip to one of the most popular island in Western Australia (rottnest island) with nicolle. This is such an enjoyable trip because we got to snorkel, take quokka selfie and catch PokΓ©mon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I think this whole trip will be even better if I could swim and cycle πŸ˜‚ but oh well, we still had fun so it’s alright. Anyway, I’m just here to share all the photos 🌚 too lazy to type an essay out about this so 2 paragraphs will do bahahah

Random catz


I think all my life I’ve been wondering how it’ll be like as an adult. Will I like my job, will I like my house, will I be happy and the list goes on. But hitting 21st is actually not much of a difference from hitting 20.

I’m still a potato who have yet to figure out my life. All my wonders are still wonders and I don’t even know where to find the answers to my wonders. I swear I didn’t believe it when adults told me that the best times of my life will be my school days cos I absolutely dreaded school. And now while looking back the past 10 years, I find that the sentence holds the truth. I think a huge part of why it has been great is because of the company, whether is it secondary school or poly days. Thinking back, I was really childish and annoying πŸ˜‚ it’s almost disgusting how lame I used to be when I was focusing on the wrong things, being angry at people and trying to grow up as soon as possible. But I guess learning from all the wrongs that have been made just makes me a better person. It’s memories that I hold dearly and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Anyways, after all the rambling hahaha cheers to becoming a legal potato in…. 4 days time πŸ˜…